Friday, November 24, 2017

ZOMBIE LAND! The elite globalists and technocratic one worlders are right about American citizens: they act like dumb animals(cattle) and deserve to be treated like dumb animals. They deserve to loose their freedom and to be enslaved to serve the globalist technocratic elite.

Friday, Nov. 24th: Black Friday;- Zombie Americans are beating and shooting each other over the latest "deals" in electronic slave goods made in Oriental suicide factories. One video in particular shows gown men fighting over a toy car, nearly destroying it in the process. See below.


What do citizens of other countries think of Americans. I will tell you. They are viewed as self-centered, self-seeking hypocrites who don't give a damn about their fellow countryman and would sell their neighbor down the river to save a buck!

This video is a reflection of what America has become in the year 2017. What an indictment!!
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