Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Measure of a Man

The true measure of a man is not in his wealth, it is in his capacity to love; the heart to help those in need, to stand for the less fortunate, to plead the case of the weak, to seek out justice and correct injustice. Donald Trump exemplifies those ideals. See the video below.


On March 29 Donald Trump announced that Paul J. Manafort will serve as his campaign’s Convention Manager at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH.
Mr. Manafort’s experience spans over three decades of working on U.S. presidential campaigns, and includes work on conventions for Presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush, as well as Republican Presidential nominee, Bob Dole. Mr. Trump will use Mr. Manafort’s years of experience to support his efforts in all aspects of the convention as he closes in on the Republican nomination for President.

On his appointment Mr. Manafort said, “I am honored to serve Mr. Trump’s campaign, and look forward to helping secure his nomination as the Republican nominee for President. Mr. Trump has tapped into the growing disillusionment with the Washington political establishment. What he has achieved so far is historic. My role is to work with the professionals that Mr. Trump has assembled to protect the victories that he has won in states across the country. I am confident that he will be the Republican nominee and the next President of the United States.”
According to Roger Stone, former Trump campaign manager, George Soros has given the John Kasich campaign $530,000 and is keeping Kasich in the race to force Trump to take Kasich as his VP in an effort to control Trump for the "Establishment". This is why John Kasich is staying in the presidential race.

Both Roger Stone and Alex Jones have called for mass peaceful demonstrations at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer to prevent the "Establishment" from stealing delegates from Trump in an effort to ensure that he does not receive the nomination at the convention on the first ballot.  Both Roger Stone and Alex Jones plan to take part in the demonstrations outside of the convention.

Also lawsuits may be filed on behalf of the Trump campaign shortly to stop the delegate steal that occurred in Louisiana and Texas by the Republican Establishment.
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