Thursday, July 12, 2012


The American in the video below has the spirit that drove our founding fathers to fight tyranny and make the United States an independent nation from the British Crown.

In 2010, Steven Anderson(in the video) refused a search by U.S. Customs Agents and subsequently had his vehicle windows shattered, was pulled out of his car, and tasered. He paid a heavy price to defend his rights.

It is only this spirit of courage, and independence that will prevent America from being taken over and our rights completely obliterated by the coming police state. Do not shrink from your duty to defend your rights or you WILL lose them.

These illegal check points are mean't to acclimate us to the coming police state and not to question authority. But when that authority becomes corrupt and violates the U.S. Constitution we must defend our constitutional rights "to be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects" at all cost. Our constitution guarentees us the right to refuse "unreasonable searches and seizures" according to the Fourth Amendment. This is what our founding fathers believed. It birthed the greatest nation in the history of the world. Will you let it slip away without even a wimper?

You may go along to get along now but at some point your time will come. At some point you will be challenged if you defend your constitutional rights. The cost to defend those rights now is light but in the future it will be severe unless Americans have the courage and back-bone to resist and defend them.

Will you defend you rights as an American now or will you only do it when you have no hope of every getting them back; when your fight will be a lost cause. You may have to pay for your freedom in the future with the ultimate price ....your life. What are those rights worth to you? Decide now while the cost is light.

Will you protest drones flying over your house while you can still protest or wait until the police grid is totally in place and you can do nothing to prevent it. Would you like some government or corporate snoop watching you in your back yard from 10,000 feet with a high def camera that can read your facial features and listen to your conversation with your neighbors or your wife; or use infared scanning equipment to tell whether you are laying in bed or sitting in your living room watching television?

You think I am kidding! This technology has been around at least 10-20 years. Corporate/government labs can now create machines the size of musquitos that in the future will be able land on you to sample your DNA, inject you with a microchip, or fly into your house to observe your movements. It will be an orwellian world of biomechanical drones and checkpoints unless you resist to stop it.

This will be our future world unless Americans begin to defend their rights en mass. The time stand up and be counted for liberty is NOW!

One only has to look at a surveillance society such as Great Britain to see our future unfolding.

"Educate and inform the whole mass of people. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." Thomas Jefferson
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