Saturday, June 09, 2012

Celente Predicts Obama The Winner!

Gerald Celente publisher, editor of Trends Journal available at predicts that Obama will win the 2012 presidential election. He has been accurate in most of his previous predictions.

Some of his comments follow:

"This is THE weekend to watch." Will the IMF bailout spain? Will the collapse of Europe begin?

"Pay attention to Europe."

"Pay attention to China."

"Do Americans have attention deficit disorder?" Remember all the talk a year ago about austerity, cutting the U.S. budget. Where did it go?" Don't we remember?"

"They will do whatever it takes to juice up the economy prior to the election this fall. Look at how gas prices are falling. This is due to slackening demand around the world due to the world's economies slowing down. Spain is in a depression with 22% unemployment. In the U.S. the true unemployment rate is 25%."

They will do whatever is necessary to keep the ponzi scheme going including coming up with "a new Europe bond to dump all the Spanish, Greek and Italian bonds into." More toxic junk!

"Look for QE3 (Quantitative easing #3) near the next election" to keep the world economy from collapsing. If Europe collapses look for the "start of a world war."(It is just a matter of time).

"Tune in to the Chinese news, sure it's propaganda, but it provides a window into what they are thinking." Also pay attention to "The World Socialist news at
to get a perspective of what is going on in the rest of the world" apart from the globalist controlled U.S. media. Another site Gerald recommended is RT today at and of course


The reality is folks that the world is collapsing financially and the world is breaking apart geopolitically. Once the current global ponzi scheme comes crashing down and it will according to people that have studied past empires based on fiat currencies, a third world war will usher in a completely new system controlled globally by the very elites that will have caused the total collapse of world economies and the total destruction of war. A new occult world without God will be built from the ground up out of the previous chaos. The occult antichrist will come riding to the rescue promising to end all economic troubles and all war. A totally controlled cashless world economy without nation states as we know them will rise out of the intended chaos. That is the End Game!

Former Hedge Funder Presents A Terrifying Vision Of THE END GAME
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