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The Rest of the Story

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed — and hence clamorous to be led to safety — by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." And, The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it." -- H.L. Mencken, famous columnist.

The threat to the world is not man-made global warming or climate change. The threat to the world, as is always the case, is a current group(s) of humans who want to impose their values and desires on others. The people below represent such a group, and they are not saints as individuals; in fact, quite the opposite.

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill....All these dangers are caused by human intervention....and thus the "real enemy, then, is humanity itself....believe humanity requires a common motivation, namely a common adversary in order to realize world government. It does not matter if this common enemy is "a real one or….one invented for the purpose."--- The Club of Rome

"No matter if the science is all phony, there are collateral environmental benefits.... climate change [provides] the greatest chance to bring about justice and equality in the world." --- Quote by Christine Stewart, former Canadian Environment Minister [the ends justify the means ...ed.]

"We’ve got to ride the global-warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic policy and environmental policy." --- Quote by Timothy Wirth, U.S./UN functionary, former elected Democratic Senator [the ends justify the means ... ed.]

"A global climate treaty must be implemented even if there is no scientific evidence to back the greenhouse effect." --- Quote by Richard Benedik, former U.S./UN bureaucrat [the ends justify the means ...ed]

"[W]e redistribute de facto the world's wealth by climate policy...Basically it's a big mistake to discuss climate policy separately from the major themes of globalization...One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore." --- Quote by Ottmar Edenhoffer, high level UN-IPCC official

There you have it. The one-world globalists finally admit that the theory of global warming caused supposedly by increased burning of fossil fuels, now renamed global climate change is about wealth redistribution, justice and equality even though the global warming theory and the science behind it is bogus i.e. phony, false.

"Adopting a central organizing principle means embarking on an all-out effort to use every policy and program, every law and institution, to halt the destruction of the environment." --- Quote by Al Gore, former U.S. vice president, mega-millionaire, and large CO2 producer.

"I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations" [hence An Inconvenient Truth ] "on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are, and how hopeful it is that we are going to solve this crisis." Al Gore. Note the manipulation of the audience to achieve his goals.

"Third world nations are producing too many children too is time to ignore the controversy over family planning and cut out-of-control population growth.." Al Gore

Next time you a hear major television network newscaster or politician talk about reducing your carbon footprint, tell him or her to go live in the wilderness with no electricity, heat or running water. Tell him or her that they can't have children. Let them experience the ultimate in low carbon emissions. Al Gore can then write a book about it. I propose the title: "Life As a Low Carbon Man.." or "The Inconvenient Life: Living Life Without Exhaling.

It's ashame that he can't follow his own advice. [Gore’s mansion, [20-room, eight-bathroom] located in the posh Belle Meade area of Nashville, consumes more electricity every month than the average American household uses in an entire year, according to the Nashville Electric Service (NES).

"We have become a plague upon ourselves and upon the Earth. It is cosmically unlikely that the developed world will choose to end its orgy of fossil energy consumption, and the Third World its suicidal consumption of landscape. Until such time as Homo Sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along." --- Quote by David Graber, scientist U.S. National Park Service. Think about this quote next time you visit one or our beautiful national parks. Is this what "getting back to nature" is all about?

"Good terrorists would be taking [Ebola Roaston and Ebola Zaire] so that they had microbes they could let loose on the Earth that would kill 90 percent of people." Quote by Eric Pianka, professor at University of Texas. No wonder our college students are depressed!

"Large-scale hog producers are a greater threat to the United States and U.S. democracy than Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network." --- Quote by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and large CO2 producer

"An ecocatastrophe is taking place on earth.....discipline, prohibition, enforcement and oppression are the only solution." "As for those "most responsible for the present economic growth and competition", Linkola explains that they will be sent to the mountains for "re-education" in eco-gulags: "the sole glimmer of hope," he declares, "lies in a centralised government and the tireless control of citizens." --- Quote by Pentti Linkola, a Finnish ecological philosopher

"The objective, clearly enunciated by the leaders of UNCED, is to bring about a change in the present system of independent nations. The future is to be World Government with central planning by the United Nations. Fear of environmental crises - whether real or not - is expected to lead to – compliance." --- Quote by Dixy Lee Ray, former liberal Democrat, governor of State of Washington, U.S.

Remember H.L. Menken's quote: "The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it." And now you know the rest of the story.

Walter Block ( puts their thinking in perspective regarding the recent Japanese earthquake of 2011, only substitute the words global Fascists for "Keynesian suspects."
The usual Keynesian suspects have come out from under the rocks of economic illiteracy which they inhabit, to claim that the Japanese earthquake of 2011 will actually help the economy of that country. We need not spend too much time refuting this broken window fallacy yet again. Bastia and Hazlitt have already done so. Perhaps it will suffice to point out that these advocates of the benefits of destruction are guilty of a performative contradiction. If it is so advantageous for a city to be destroyed by a tsunami, why don’t these Krugmanites obliterate their own properties? That is, they could enrich not only themselves, but society as a whole, by taking the wrecking ball to their homes, yachts, automobiles, factories, fancy restaurants, night clubs [Al Gore's 20-room mansion..ed.]. Yet, we never see any such thing happening. If it is argued that this can only be done on a massive, not an individual scale, then we would expect entire communities, such as the Peoples’ Republics of Santa Monica, Ann Arbor, San Francisco, Cambridge Mass, the upper west side of New York City, etc., wherever "progressives" congregate, to engage in such activities. We await with baited breath these occurrences. The fact that the Keynesians continue to drive around in their cars, inhabit their homes ought to put paid to this malicious and erroneous theory..

In an article by Steve and Paul Watson, ClimateGate For Dummies it is revealed that computer simulation climate models were artificially-manipulated by politically-motivated "scientists" to scare the public and "hide the decline" in global temperatures by inputting unrealistic data points, in part to create the now-ridiculed hockey-stick model and sell the need for their carbon-cutting agenda.
On Thursday 19th November 2009 news began to circulate that hacked documents and communications from the University of East Anglia’s Hadley Climate Research Unit (aka CRU) had been published to the Internet.

The information revealed how top scientists conspired to falsify data in the face of declining global temperatures in order to prop up the premise that man-made factors are driving climate change.

The documents and emails illustrated how prominent climatologists, affiliated with the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change[IPCC], embarked on a venomous and coordinated campaign to ostracize climate skeptics and use their influence to keep dissenting reports from appearing in peer-reviewed journals, as well as using cronyism to avoid compliance with Freedom of Information Act requests.
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