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Globalist New World Order Plan Revealed

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In an interview with Alex Jones on February 22, 2011 Lindsey Williams revealed the following information. This is a summary of the first video.

The price per barrel of oil will rise to $150 to $200 dollars per barrel in 9-12 months.

Libya has shut off all oil exports and is not renewing or signing any further oil contracts.

The Middle East Crisis will escalate and involve Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Lindsey Williams obtained this information from chief operating officer of Atlantic Richfield for Alaska, Ken Fromm, before his death as well as another oil company executive that he was recently in contact with.

From 1977 to 1981 during the Carter Administration in the U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger went to every major oil producing country and offered them a deal. The U.S. would buy their oil rather then develop the oil fields in the U.S. if they would agree to buy a portion of the U.S.debt(ie. Treasury bonds, Treasury Notes etc.). Most of these countries agreed to the Kissinger proposal except Iraq and Iran. [It is no coincidence that we invaded Iraq and will soon go to war with Iran..ed.]

In exchange for this agreement with Henry Kissinger representing the U.S. government, the Bakken oil field in North Dakota and Montana and Gull Island oil field, the largest oil discovery in the U.S. to that date, in Alaska were never developed.

This allowed the U.S. government to pay the interest on their debt and allowed the debt spiral to mushroom out of control.

The crisis in the Middle East will grow until we can no longer obtain any oil from the Middle East, specifically Saudi Arabia.

The second video Lindsey reveals the following information.

China is the big one to benefit so keep your eyes on them.

The Crisis in the Middle East will involve Israel.

The entire Middle East will descend into chaos.

The Arabs will dump the U.S. debt which they hold when they realize that it will be worthless when the dollar crashes by the end of the year 2012.

The major oil companies will wait until the price per barrel of oil hits $200 per barrel before opening up Gull Island in Alaska and developing the Bakken oil field in the Rocky Mountains, specifically Montana, North and South Dakota.

When the Arabs realize the double cross with their U.S. holdings becoming worthless as the value of the dollar falls they will cease exporting oil to the U.S.

The standard currency of the elite besides gold is oil.

The elite planned this whole scenario playing out today behind closed doors over 40 years ago.

The Muslim brotherhood is supported by the Elite of the world.

The Elite of the world will double cross OPEC(organization of petroleum exporting countries). This the plan.

In this third video Lindsey reveals to Alex Jones the following:

The Kissinger swindle was planned as far back as 1971.

"If it is written on a piece of paper, it is worth the paper it is written on" ie worthless referring to the imploding value of the U.S. dollar.

The U.S. dollar will be "dead" by the end of 2012.

The Middle East crisis will spread leading to a crisis and shut off of Middle East oil.

Around the year 2005 the Bakken oil reserve, located in the Rocky Mountains, estimated with oil reserves of 2 trillion barrels was discovered in the U.S. but was not developed due to the Kissinger deal.

There will be a mad rush to develop the U.S. oil fields in the U.S. due to a shut off of Arab oil exports.

This crisis will result in the Elite(globalists) ushering in a new World Currency. [This will replace the dollar as the world's reserve currency..ed.]

China has just signed a deal with Russia to obtain whatever oil it needs to support its economy from Russia. Russia has become the world's largest exporter according to Lindsey due to its new deep well drilling techniques [What British Petroleum tried to do unsuccessfully in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.. ed.] Therefore this crisis in the Middle East will not affect China.

China is not using the U.S. dollar to trade oil.

In addition to repeating many of the same points earlier in the interview, Lindsey revealed that General Motors(GM) will sell more vehicles in China this year than in the U.S. [The bail-out money they received helped them build more auto manufacturing plants in China while they shut down dealerships in the U.S. ..ed.]

Any company opening facilities in China must give the Chinese all of their patent rights for whatever is produced in China.

America will not be able to contain, control the violence in the Middle East.


This is all part of the plan to introduce a new world reserve currency which will eventually lead to a cashless, debit-credit system requiring a mark to buy or sell.

This will also lead to World War III planned by the elite in the year 1871. See Mazzini -Pike correspondence. Whoever said history was just a random series of events?
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