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A war rages today for the heart, mind and soul of man. It has boiled below the surface, hidden in stealth, for several generations. At stake is nothing less than the complete indoctrination of America and the world into an utterly alien manner of thinking and living. Without the shadow of a doubt, there has been an agenda behind the scenes to control world events, and ultimately mankind itself. A global structure exists that few could imagine, a structure commonly called the "shadow government."

It does not matter if you are Democrat or Republican. It goes much deeper than that because the stench is institutional and has existed for generations. Those who will gain the most from reviewing the material presented on these two websites Our Future World and The Christian Observer must learn to think "outside the box". Don't listen to the pundits on your nightly network news. They are there to control the way you perceive the world--the way the elite want you to think. Think of television in terms of George Orwell's 1984. It is used as a mass propaganda tool to control the common herd of humanity without the use of force by having everyone think the same way.

People from all different political and sociological backgrounds are seeing that the material presented here is not as far-fetched as one would think. Those who will gain the most will be those who drop the baggage they carry from preconceived notions.

Most of what you think about the world is really from the news you read, but most every news organization is controlled by a global elite that has been conditioning you without your even knowing it, so pervasive is their control and influence on society. When someone can do that, it is genius, and we are dealing with pure unadulterated genius with this group.

There is a plan for a One World Order, a New World Order as former President Bush stated, a new way of thinking. It is past emerging; it is here now and with a vengeance. A paradigm shift has occured wherein everything that you were ever taught about government can no longer explain what is really happening behind the scenes. America's demise is the result of an orchestrated effort designed to force us to approach the negotiating table as an equal to everyone else in the world.

It is an insidious plot hatched in sophisticated clubs and restaurants were the general public never pokes its eyes or ears. There is a group of global elitists who plan to rule the world on the terms that they have legislated into existence. Witness the Federal Reserve Act, NAFTA, the Patriot Act, and ObamaCare. Executive Orders have been written with the full force of the U.S. government to control every aspect of your life in a declared State of Emergency. An emergency they are planning and preparing to implement which will make us slaves in the former land of the free and the home of the brave. 9/11 was just a dry run.

Who are they? Where do they work? What are their professions? What is their nationality? They are an elite group of bankers, philanthropists, and senior level policy wonks who have signed onto the theory that the world needs rehabilitation because it doesn't work the way they perceive it should work. It springs from a Hegelian doctrine that believes man is best when he serves the state. They seek to impose an impossible utopia. No sense of the Divine will be allowed, in fact it must be forcefully eradicated if a New World is to emerge, because people must have nothing independent of that world to believe in. It operates so quietly you don't even know it exists. This secrecy and camouflage represent its closest proximity to perfection, for barely anyone knows it is there.

The One World Order and One World Religion(yes it is coming), both of the same beast, will be required thinking; conformity will be mandatory. Those considered politically incorrect will be marginalized out of the circle of influence and will lose their ability to exist in the public marketplace. Independent thought, and those who embrace it, will be cast out of society. Witness the latest attempts by the government to censor the Internet. Why to you think the Department of Homeland Security was formed? And don't think that you will sit by and watch idly as a neutral without opinion, for no fence sitting will be possible. You will either be in or out.

Is this about a conspiracy view of history?, Not to be coy but the answer is yes and no. Why would part of the answer be no? Because the overwhelming majority of people desiring and working toward a New World Order are doing so from a humanistic agenda. In their hearts, these people believe they are doing a service for humanity and the world, and to a limited extent they are. To the elitists, it is often about doing what is right in their eyes. But who will truly rule the New World? Under what administrative umbrella? Under what moral and spiritual principals? What will be the guidelines? What is the ruler's name? What will be his title? Among this elite group these questions are never asked, for pride and ambition rule their hearts.

The other part of the answer is yes. To fully comprehend the magnitude of this answer and to agree with this yes is probably rooted in grace. Some seem to get it and others don't. The Latin root of conspiracy is conspirare, which means "to breath together." Are there people who conspire for the same purpose and intended goal? The answer is absolutely yes! A conspiracy is done in private with the intent of shielding truth from others. For someone to think that this doesn't happen, one would have to be naive.

In the end after reviewing the entire content of each blog you will come to a new understanding of who the global elite are, and what they are planning. It is a little like untangling a large, knotted ball of threads in order to weave together a shirt. If you wish to skip a part because it doesn't interest you, grab the essence of what is being said and move on. To grasp the whole picture I suggest that you start with the two seminal articles written in December of 2003 "Ten Kingdoms" and "The Plan." Everything else builds from this basic understanding.

It was an enormous task to piece together the information in those initial articles. In the end you will see that the One World government is going to be a reality because the plan is so close to completion. Hopefully your comfort zone will be disturbed. Yes, there is a Master Plan, an "occult plan" (in the words of Carrol Quigley, Tragedy and Hope) for the conquest of the world, but few are even aware it exists-even on some of the most senior government and corporate levels. However extensive research over the last seven years has convinced me that the plan does exist beyond the shadow of a doubt. One must study history and leave no stone unturned to discover it. In the end it has become a lifelong pursuit.

Although history in and of itself is considered by most to be a series of random unconnected events, there exists a strong base of physical evidence, which when pieced together, will point to an organized confluence of events. The thinking person may soon realize that the world is at war, with opposing forces seeking dominion and control. Is there a God? Does Satan really exist? If you believe the answer to either question is yes, then you could safely assume that there is a battle for control- spiritual and physical. This is fairly elemental logic, but it requires honesty. If you are to see the validity and the strength of the plans of the architects themselves in the material presented on each website, you will see the plan at first on an intellectual level that then will drift into the spiritual, this because of the implications of the period of history we are in. Since we are principally a society numb to eternal truths; noise, entertainment, sports, and other distractions cause us to have a difficult time with truth or hard thinking. Such honesty and effort are anethema to our culture, especially in the last generation or two. Creature comforts in their many forms have dulled us to any sense of the virtuous and righteous. Although any historian will tell you this has often been the case, as people are the same in history due to human nature, we are clearly different from previous generations in many ways. For instance, the threat of nuclear devastation that could wipe out civilization for the next 1,000 years is a reality, and this makes us very different no matter how you slice it up.

I try to cover a broad range of subjects. The Master Plan originated in Bavaria, Germany, with the help of secret societies. Some authors even go back in time to the origin of the Knights Templar. Subjects may include the United Nations agenda on many fronts; the Federal Reserve (a totally private bank which as no reserves but which creats money [credit] out of thin air); New Age mysticism; philanthropy and foundations; the role of the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, international banks, transnational corporations; the Euro currency; why there is so much movement of the military around the world; the intentional "dumbing down" of U.S. education over several generations; evironmentalism; the role of treaties like NAFTA and GATT; and the ever critical issue of eliminating national sovereignty globally in order to have a world without borders.

Each article posted relates generally in some way to the One World agenda. The puzzle of current and future events are assembled piece by piece revealing in the end the bigger picture of what is being build in stealth.

Each piece of current and recent past events looks simple and innocuous by itself. It often appears to be as the network news would have you believe, merely the convergence of time and circumstance that has built the New World, and to a certain extent this is true. But there are powerful forces and people behind many political and social events, and they are shaping the destiny of the world. These people are the "wise men" or "illumined ones" who desire to govern the world as they see fit. We are talking about premeditated and coordinated plans that are laying waste to America and to the world.

One reads this information with a growing sense of futility. Is it a fait accompli? Up against so many past generations of rot from within, can the tide be turned around? Again, the answer is yes and no. It depends on how you view the world. The changes in our midst have been ongoing for many years, but times of crisis speed the rate of change. Our world is now at the dawn of the 21st century and poised for cataclysmic changes. A New Era awaits us which I believe we will see. Soundly interconnected and interdependent, the elitist globalists have made sure through NAFTA and GATT that we are all joined at the hip in a truelly global economy. A major crisis planned, or by chance, could usher in the New World that has been the goal of the global elite for so long. It is now within their grasp, and so little remains, short of Divine intervention, that could thwart their victory. It is up to people like you to stop the erosion of rights and freedom. A major ingrediant of the remedy to halt this downward slide will be your hunger for knowledge and the truth, to know not just what the battle is for, but what it is against. Most important is your willingness to be involved in lifting off the mask, and exposing the hidden and menacing face of the New World Order. As Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."


"It is an act of charity to cry out against the wolf when he is among the sheep." St. Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life, Part III, Chapter 29.

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