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Lindsey Williams, the ordained Baptist minister who went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary to contractors working the Alaska pipeline for the Alyeska Pipeline Company, made a big splash on the internet last week (10-19-09) with some startling predictions based on communicating with a member of the Bilderberg group who he had known previously when working in Alaska. Lindsey does not name his source although the information he obtained previously from this individual turned out to be largely true regarding the direction and levels of future oil prices. Lindsey is best known for his book titled "The Energy Non-Crisis."

Lindsey is interviewed by Alex Jones of

Here are the video clips of the interview posted at Saynsumthn’s Blog. They can also be found at

Some quotes from the interview with Alex Jones are given below.
"Within 2 years you will not recognize America"

(The Elite) "We have altered our time line"

"After 2 years you will be so poor you will not be able to rebel"

"Inflation will escalate"

"Gold+Silver are all you can rely on"

"Buy 2012 the dollar will be dead"

"War is planned after 2 years"

Where? "Iran/Israel"
In addition Lindsey was interviewed by Pastor Butch Paugh the following two evenings (10-20,21-09) which was broadcast by the Genesis Communications Network over the internet.

Some quotes which I obtained by personally listening to each broadcast are given below.

On 10-20-09 Lindsey stated:
"You (American taxpayers) gave the Elite 2.5 trillion dollars at the end of the Bush Administration" (TARP, banker bailouts). Lindsey explained that that is why the chronological time table of events has been moved forward by the Elite.

Lindsey made the statement on air "You have swallowed all their lies. They think you are so gullible, they laugh at you."

"There was no crisis. They created the crisis. We have given them (the Elite) everything they wanted, asked for."

"OPEC" is going to a basket of currencies. Countries are dumping $."

"They(countries) are buying gold and silver as fast as they can."

"The war in the Middle East (in 2 years, see Alex interview quote) will involve the entire world." The planned Third World War spoken of by Albert Pike.

"Within two years nearly every one will be working for the government." (referring to the banking and health care industries).

Five to ten banks close almost every week. "They will take it down to 9 major banks in two years."

"This is a part of the Devil's Messiah." Lindsey stated that this term does not refer to a person (Antichrist), but instead refers to a "spirit of deception to control us." He stated that the Elite admitted that they had to "take away America's God" to bring America down. This was by taking prayer out of the public schools; funding the foundations which control what material is written into textbooks through grants to various textbook publishers, etc.

"Evolution was put in the place of God to make us act and think like animals."

"They have bound the churches intentionally." through the 503C tax code designation.

"At the end of two years everything will come apart."

"They have everything under their control."

"They have problems with Obama. Some things he is doing they do not like."

"He is in big, big trouble." (Obama)

"We are going to have a bold New World Order." Lindsey was referring to a statement made previously by Bush(the senior).
During the broadcast on 10-21-09 Lindsey gave additional information to look for as we approach the end of the 2 year time period. These are listed below.
Look for big increases in the stock market(American) until the crash which will be the worst stock market crash ever in the history of the United States.

"Gold and silver values will escalate rapidly."

"Bank failures will escalate rapidly."

"Watch the movies for clues" as to what is coming next. Lindsey explained that the elite usually telegraph their moves through the popular media stating "Watch the movies(new movie 2012 for instance) for clues; it will happen in several months."

"There will be increased restrictions at airports."

Look for the "rise of youth corps."

"The elitists don't use paper." Lindsey explained that they use digital money, i.e. computer debits and credits. He explained that they "laugh at us" for using paper. This is why they don't care if federal reserve notes ($ bills) become worthless.

Lindsey believes that we may go directly from our currency (U.S.) to a single global (world) currency bypassing the proposed Amero.

"The banks were bailed out to control them."

"Watch the pace of inflation." He went on to explain that it will drastically increase.

"Restrictions on money are coming." i.e. amount of money that can be withdrawn at one time or transferred between accounts.

Two of the last signs at the end of the 2 year countdown will be confiscation of firearms and restrictions on talk shows, radio, internet etc.

Lindsey explained that the Elite need the media because it "is their mouthpiece". He stated that because it "is their mouthpiece" they won't limit it until the end of the 2 year schedule. In other words since they control it, they will use it to influence the population towards their goals.

"The Elite are occultists" "They are Luciferian, they worship their own god."

"They look like ordinary people, but they will scare you the way they think."

"We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one (lieth in wickedness KJV). We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true... 1 John 5:19,20 NIV.(emphasis mine, Steve)


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