Sunday, September 27, 2009

G-20: The Real Story

Police tactics used to disperse a large student assembly at the University of Pittsburgh on Friday evening have become the focus of an Internet media firestorm. Here is some of the raw footage which should have been the top news story on every media outlet in the country instead of the usual platitudes from world globalists intent on instituting the coming world government.

Note that this occurred in the evening long after the G20 business meetings had ceased and was on the University of Pittsburgh campus and not at the site where G20 meetings were held. There is absolutely no legitimate reason to justify such a heavy handed show of military force. Most of the students trapped in the building(second video) had taken no part in any demonstration.

According to Raw Story
The first clip included below shows two officers in riot gear hitting a young female with batons, while others show numerous seemingly random arrests taking place as students were forced out of the public areas on campus by police firing tear gas and other projectiles.

"The group, estimated at close to 500 people, gathered near Schenley Plaza around 10 p.m., with students saying they were drawn because they were angry over Thursday’s protests and how the riot police treated students," reported The New York Times. "Some students say their curiosity was piqued by a university message warning them to stay off the streets."

According to the Associated Press, police say they arrested 60 people after declaring the student gathering to be "illegal" — a figure that makes up the bulk of the 83 arrested all across Pittsburgh during the G20 summit.

Translation: get the population acclimated to the use of swat teams and military forces in public places. Instill fear of the police and military in the population so that when new laws are passed stripping us of our rights we will not resist but accept without protest. This is the only way that the New World Order(global government) can succeed: through intimidation by use of military force.


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