Tuesday, November 25, 2008


From well known and respected Bob Chapman who publishes and edits The International Forcaster
Even with hundreds of billions of dollars being shoveled out to Washington they still cannot right the system. Lowering interest rates won't and hasn't worked. The problem is banks simply won't lend to business or the public in amounts necessary to keep the system afloat. They are more interested in dividends for shareholders, bonuses, gobbling up banks in trouble and shoring up balance sheets. Central banks and Treasuries lend these banks taxpayer funds and they cannot even force the banks to lend. France has the right idea - lend or you get nationalized. Thus far it's been a standoff, but in the midst of a recession that impasse cannot last indefinitely. The real answer is to allow these Illuminist banks to fail. Collateral being used by banks and finance houses is next to worthless, so why do we accept it? The problem is the interconnection between banking, Wall Street and Washington. Now every elitist institution is too big to fail. This is one vast margin call not being met by the malefactors, but by the American people, involuntarily we may add. We are destined for depression, chaos and probably a major war and Americans sit around dumbfounded caught in the headlights. When will America wake up? All we can do now is pray for them.

Our contacts continue to tell us Iran is being given an ultimatum to stand down on their nuclear program or there will be war. Iran is being subjected to a rapid escalation of diplomatic pressure and punitive sanctions, which are backed by preparations for military strikes.

Thus we expect a US-Iran confrontation as soon as Obama is sworn in. We do not believe that Iran will comply. Israel will attack and WWIII will begin. A draft will immediately begin and American boys and girls will go to their deaths.

Obama's top Middle East advisor, Dennis Ross, is a neocon hawk, and worked closely with with Paul Wolfowitz and other Zionist Illuminists.

We believe the move to war will be kicked off with a blockade Of Iranian oil exports, which, of course, will lead to war. The US and Israel plan a sneak attack the same as Japan was allowed to do at Pearl Harbor. They will attack both nuclear and conventional military infrastructure.

Reports and plans on these actions have been laid out to the Pentagon by Rand Corp., NGO-Illuminist think tank, and by Michael Ruben, from the neocon American Enterprise Institute, which promoted and planned the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Top Obama advisers Anthony Lake, Susan Rice, and Richard Clarke all agree with the plans. Plans were submitted as well by pro-Israel think tank Institute for Near East Policy. Obama defense advisor Richard Danzig, former Navy Secretary under Clinton agrees with the program for WWIII. All of these plans and discussions are of course secret and a rush similar to the Iraq invasion will attempt to be pulled off. It is time to think about getting your children and grandchildren out of the country.
Bob has been advising his clients to get out of debt and stay liquid due to the Illuminist created world financial crisis.



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