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This explanation of the New Order reprinted from The Cutting Edge with my links added for reference. Click on the links to learn more about this New Age plan.

..the major reason I believe in conspiracy is because the Bible strongly teaches that, at the End of the Age, Satan will work through world leaders to gradually reorganize the world politically, economically, and spiritually, for the express purpose of handing this new power over to the Antichrist, Lord Maitraya [Revelation 17:12-17; Daniel 7:7-8]. Of course, the Bible states in Genesis 3 that Satan conspired against God in the Garden of Eden to deceive Adam and Eve so they would disobey God and sin. Then, in Isaiah 14:12-15, God tells us of the original rebellion in Heaven, where Lucifer conspired against God's authority and power. These verses tell us that Lucifer conspired to take over God's throne and rule the universe. Finally, in Revelation 12:3-4, we get the final piece of the puzzle, where Lucifer is pictured as a fiery red dragon, who caused one-third of the angels of heaven to join him in his rebellion against God.

Therefore, born again Christians should naturally expect a conspiracy at the End of the Age, and be on the lookout for it. Thus it was, that I was not surprised to read New Age literature about the plans of the New World Order, describing these plans as an "open conspiracy". In so many ways, New Age writings about the coming New World Order parallel Biblical prophecy. This is a faith building time for Fundamental Christians, who know their Bibles, to be alive and to be a light within our communities, even though in many other ways, this is the most sin scarred time period in history!

New Age writers, like Ruth Montgomery, have spoken about these [environmental] crises a lot. Let us allow her to have the last word on this part of the plan. Ruth admits that her books are the result of demonic spirits [whom she calls 'guides'] writing through her, in a process called 'Automatic Writing'. In her book, "Herald of the New Age", Ruth prepares her readers for the terrible events which must occur before the world can enter into the "wonderful" New World Order. As you read Ruth's warnings, you will recognize the prophecies of the Book of Revelation.

"As they had promised, the Guides completed their account of "The World Before" [another Ruth Montgomery book] by opening a door to future events, and many of these predictions of twelve years ago have already come to pass; yet the most ominous warning they issued concerned the entire planet . A shift of the earth on its axis will occur near the end of this century, they insisted ... it will, nevertheless, cause widespread devastation to life as we know it. Millions will pass into spirit, and those millions who survive in physical body will live through trying times until a new era of peace and understanding is built on what remains, plus newly risen lands. 'Those who fear death should put it firmly from their minds', they insisted, 'as this planetary cleansing is inevitable and our spirits are eternal ...' " {pages 184-185].

The entire planet is going to go through a period of 'cleansing' in which all the old, outmoded forms of life are to be 'cleansed' so that only those who fully accept the claims of the New World Order and its Messiah, The Christ, will survive. Mother Gaia will play "Her" part in this cleansing experience, as "She" will turn on her axis, creating exceedingly great destruction and loss of life. Do not be deceived: this 'cleansing' is the same type of 'cleansing' which Adolf Hitler implemented against the Jews and his 12 million "others", as he 'cleansed' all the undesirables and undeserving from the earth.

As I read of these revelations through New Age writers of the coming chaos and destruction, I am reminded of the Book of Revelation in two ways. 1) The chaos and physical destructions seem eerily like those described in Revelation, as God pours out His judgments on the earth. 2) For the first time, I can understand what God was saying in Revelation 9:21. In Revelation 6-9, we read that two-thirds of mankind was destroyed by various judgments. Yet, in 9:21, God wonders aloud that "they did not repent of their murders or their practice of magic or their sexual vice or their thefts". How could this be? How could people experience such obvious judgments of God and not repent? Either their hearts must be incredibly hard, or they did not recognize these events as God's Judgments. But, how could they not recognize these disasters as judgments? Because New Age writers like Ruth Montgomery have already prepared them for these disasters, putting a false spin on them. Therefore, when they occur, these people will not recognize them as judgments from God, and will feel no need to 'repent' of anything.

Notice at the top of web page "Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble" (last two web links) in the article, the occult yin\ yang symbol and the last paragraph reference to Edgar Cayce. This indicates the author's (Michael Mandeville) affinity with New Age beliefs.


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