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From the founder of Capitol Hill Blue, Doug Thompson we read the following:

The Federal Highway Administration, through its Office of Transportation Studies, announced $11 million in grants in December for work on a nationwide monitoring system that would allow state and federal governments to track where Americans drive through Global Positioning Satellite monitors placed in cars.

The grants are based on pilot projects the feds have been running in Oregon and Washington State, supposedly to allow states to tax motorists on the miles they actually drive, and based on the results of the project, they hope to make it nationwide.

Yet what Doug has just described is only the TIP of huge government corporate partnerships that will forever change the way you drive.

From Charlotte we get the inside scoop on how our driving habits will be monitored, controlled and taxed. (Italics mine for emphasis)

Deep inside the United States Department of Transportation, Big Brother is rearing his head. On the third floor of the USDOT building in the heart of Washington, DC, a shadowy government agency that doesn't respond to public inquiries about its activities is coordinating a plan to use monitoring devices to catalogue the movements of every American driver.

Most people have probably never heard of the agency, called the Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office. And they haven't heard of its plans to add another dimension to our national road system, one that uses tracking and sensor technology to erase the lines between cars, the road and the government transportation management centers from which every aspect of transportation will be observed and managed.

For 13 years, a powerful group of car manufacturers, technology companies and government interests has fought to bring this system to life. They envision a future in which massive databases will track the comings and goings of everyone who travels by car or mass transit. The only way for people to evade the national transportation tracking system they're creating will be to travel on foot. Drive your car, and your every movement could be recorded and archived. The federal government will know the exact route you drove to work, how many times you braked along the way, the precise moment you arrived -- and that every other Tuesday you opt to ride the bus.

They'll know you're due for a transmission repair and that you've neglected to fix the ever-widening crack that resulted from a pebble dinging your windshield.

For governments, tracking cars' movements means the ability to tax drivers for their driving habits, and ultimately to use a punitive tax system to control where they drive and when, a practice USDOT documents predict will be common throughout the country by 2022. [Welcome to your future world. Steve]

This system the government and its corporate partners are striving to create goes by many names, including the information superhighway and the Integrated Network of Transportation Information, or INTI. Reams of federal documents spell out the details of how it will operate.

Despite this, it remains one of the federal government's best-kept secrets. Virtually nothing has been reported about it in the media.

It's going to happen," said Jean-Claude Thill, a professor at the University of Buffalo who specializes in transportation and geographic information and who has done research for USDOT. "It's probably going to start in the large metropolitan areas where there's a much larger concentration and more demand for the services that are going to be made available."

If the government has its way, these technologies will no longer be optional. They'll be buried deep inside our cars at the auto factory, unremovable by law. If things go as planned, within the next decade these devices will begin transmitting information about us to the government, regardless of whether we want to share it or not.

In the old days, if you turned on your windshield wipers, power just went to the wipers. But in the cars of today, a miniature self-contained computer system of sensors and actuators controls the wipers and just about everything else the car does. All that information winds up on something inside your car called a data bus.

"We have the ability to communicate essentially any of the vehicle information that's on that data bus, typically encompassing the state of about 200 sensors and actuators," said Dave Acton, an ITS consultant to General Motors. "Anything that's available on the bus is just content to the system, so you could send anything."

For automakers and tech companies, the databus is a goldmine of information that can be transmitted via embedded cell phone or GPS technology. This year alone, 2 million cars in General Motors' fleet were equipped with the GPS technology that would enable customers to subscribe to OnStar-type services if they choose. Eventually, says Acton, all cars will likely be equipped with it.

But the same technology installed in GM's fleet is also capable of transmitting the car's location and speed to any government agency or corporate entity that wants it without the driver knowing, whether they subscribe to OnStar-type services or not.

Though government-run transportation centers across the country are not yet collecting the data, Acton predicts they will begin to within the next decade.

Ann Lorscheider agrees. She's the manager of the Metrolina Region Transportation Management center on Tipton Drive in Charlotte.

At the center off Statesville Avenue, traffic management specialists stare at dozens of television screens mounted on a massive wall, watching for accidents or anything out of the ordinary. From their workstations, they surveil 200 interstate miles, including I-77 from the South Carolina state line to US 901 in Iredell and I-85 from the state line into Cabarrus County.

When they need to, they can swivel the cameras mounted along the interstate or zoom in to get a better look at an accident. Sensors in the road constantly dump data back to the center on traffic patterns and speed. A system based on predictive algorithms tells them if a traffic pattern signals a potential problem.

The same technology that will allow cars to talk to each other in real time would also allow the government and ultimately private business to use the INTI to track every move American drivers make -- and profit from it.

This is the dark side of the information superhighway, the one executives and federal bureaucrats don't like to talk about. That's probably because they know it's entirely possible to use the technology the government is developing to prevent fatal collisions without harvesting information from automobiles and archiving it.

For all their talk about saving lives, there's ample evidence that the driving force behind the push to develop the national information superhighway is to profit from the data it collects. Both the corporations and the government -- including the more than 40 state departments of transportation that are members of ITSA -- stand to eventually rake in billions in revenues if they can bring the system to life.

But first, they must find a way to harvest and archive the data.

That's where the ADUS, or Archived Data User Service, project comes in. For the last five years, while they were laying the foundation for the INTI, USDOT and ITSA have also begun setting standards for the massive databases that will collect and archive information.

According to federal documents, when it's completed, the brain of the INTI will essentially be a string of interconnected regional and national databases, swapping, processing and storing data on our travels it will collect from devices in our cars.

According to the "ITS Vision Statement" the Federal Highway Administration published in 2003, by 2022, each private "travel customer" will have their own "user profile" on the system that includes regular travel destinations, their route preferences, and any pay-for-service subscriptions they use.

Neil Schuster, president and CEO of ITSA, insists that the data the system will eventually collect won't be used to issue people speeding tickets or other traffic citations.

But according to ITSA's own privacy principles, the information won't be shared with law enforcement -- until states pass laws allowing it. In fact, the US Department of Justice and USDOT are already working on a plan to share the data ITS systems collect with law enforcement. It's called the USDOT/DOJ Joint Initiative For Intelligent Transportation & Public Safety Systems, and its aim is to coordinate the integration of the system with police and law enforcement systems by developing the software and technical language that will allow them to communicate.

After Sept. 11, ITSA and USDOT added a homeland security addendum to their 10-year plan. The system, through wireless surveillance and automated tracking of the users of our transportation system, could bolster Homeland Security efforts, it said.

Sensors deployed in vehicles and the infrastructure could "identify suspicious vehicles," "detect disruptions" and "detect threatening behavior" by drivers, according to the addendum. Those who take public transit wouldn't escape monitoring, either. The addendum suggests "developing systems for public transit tracking to monitor passenger behavior."

From Doug Thompson:
The highway administration report cites two Supreme Court decisions, U.S. v Knotts and U.S. v Karo that say Americans have no expectation of privacy when traveling on public roads.

Even more chilling is a survey hyped by the Department that says their studies shows "less than 7 percent of the respondents expressed concerns about recording their vehicle's movements."

I wonder, will any public or private group protest this loss of privacy or is there just to much profit involved? Will individuals organize protests against this loss of privacy or does apathy reign?

Doug Thompson said it well: "A tyrant's best ally has always been an apathetic populace. Citizens of Germany learned that awful truth in 1939."

Will we learn that lesson before it is too late? Behold, The Pale Horse rides!


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Saturday, January 28, 2006


This explanation of the New Order reprinted from The Cutting Edge with my links added for reference. Click on the links to learn more about this New Age plan.

..the major reason I believe in conspiracy is because the Bible strongly teaches that, at the End of the Age, Satan will work through world leaders to gradually reorganize the world politically, economically, and spiritually, for the express purpose of handing this new power over to the Antichrist, Lord Maitraya [Revelation 17:12-17; Daniel 7:7-8]. Of course, the Bible states in Genesis 3 that Satan conspired against God in the Garden of Eden to deceive Adam and Eve so they would disobey God and sin. Then, in Isaiah 14:12-15, God tells us of the original rebellion in Heaven, where Lucifer conspired against God's authority and power. These verses tell us that Lucifer conspired to take over God's throne and rule the universe. Finally, in Revelation 12:3-4, we get the final piece of the puzzle, where Lucifer is pictured as a fiery red dragon, who caused one-third of the angels of heaven to join him in his rebellion against God.

Therefore, born again Christians should naturally expect a conspiracy at the End of the Age, and be on the lookout for it. Thus it was, that I was not surprised to read New Age literature about the plans of the New World Order, describing these plans as an "open conspiracy". In so many ways, New Age writings about the coming New World Order parallel Biblical prophecy. This is a faith building time for Fundamental Christians, who know their Bibles, to be alive and to be a light within our communities, even though in many other ways, this is the most sin scarred time period in history!

New Age writers, like Ruth Montgomery, have spoken about these [environmental] crises a lot. Let us allow her to have the last word on this part of the plan. Ruth admits that her books are the result of demonic spirits [whom she calls 'guides'] writing through her, in a process called 'Automatic Writing'. In her book, "Herald of the New Age", Ruth prepares her readers for the terrible events which must occur before the world can enter into the "wonderful" New World Order. As you read Ruth's warnings, you will recognize the prophecies of the Book of Revelation.

"As they had promised, the Guides completed their account of "The World Before" [another Ruth Montgomery book] by opening a door to future events, and many of these predictions of twelve years ago have already come to pass; yet the most ominous warning they issued concerned the entire planet . A shift of the earth on its axis will occur near the end of this century, they insisted ... it will, nevertheless, cause widespread devastation to life as we know it. Millions will pass into spirit, and those millions who survive in physical body will live through trying times until a new era of peace and understanding is built on what remains, plus newly risen lands. 'Those who fear death should put it firmly from their minds', they insisted, 'as this planetary cleansing is inevitable and our spirits are eternal ...' " {pages 184-185].

The entire planet is going to go through a period of 'cleansing' in which all the old, outmoded forms of life are to be 'cleansed' so that only those who fully accept the claims of the New World Order and its Messiah, The Christ, will survive. Mother Gaia will play "Her" part in this cleansing experience, as "She" will turn on her axis, creating exceedingly great destruction and loss of life. Do not be deceived: this 'cleansing' is the same type of 'cleansing' which Adolf Hitler implemented against the Jews and his 12 million "others", as he 'cleansed' all the undesirables and undeserving from the earth.

As I read of these revelations through New Age writers of the coming chaos and destruction, I am reminded of the Book of Revelation in two ways. 1) The chaos and physical destructions seem eerily like those described in Revelation, as God pours out His judgments on the earth. 2) For the first time, I can understand what God was saying in Revelation 9:21. In Revelation 6-9, we read that two-thirds of mankind was destroyed by various judgments. Yet, in 9:21, God wonders aloud that "they did not repent of their murders or their practice of magic or their sexual vice or their thefts". How could this be? How could people experience such obvious judgments of God and not repent? Either their hearts must be incredibly hard, or they did not recognize these events as God's Judgments. But, how could they not recognize these disasters as judgments? Because New Age writers like Ruth Montgomery have already prepared them for these disasters, putting a false spin on them. Therefore, when they occur, these people will not recognize them as judgments from God, and will feel no need to 'repent' of anything.

Notice at the top of web page "Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble" (last two web links) in the article, the occult yin\ yang symbol and the last paragraph reference to Edgar Cayce. This indicates the author's (Michael Mandeville) affinity with New Age beliefs.


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Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Latter Days

"And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath;" Acts 2:19 KJV.

Perusing the net this week I noticed a theme beginning to emerge. Are the phenomena we are now seeing a result of government manipulation of the earth's electromagnetic fields (flux) through military- industrial complex experimentation or is God giving us a warning. You be the judge.(Emphasis mine in the following excerpts.)

From The Electric Earth we read:
Earthquakes can be induced by pumping electricity into the Earth, and natural quakes are often accompanied by or preceded by electrical glows called earthquake lights and radio frequency static. Volcanoes are often accompanied by copious amounts of lightning. No one died from the lava flows or cinder bombs during the decade- long eruptions of Paricutin in Mexico, but three people were killed by its lightning.

From Beyond Nuclear Weapons we read:
According to Tom Bearden: "Many destructive natural phenomena can be evoked or augmented by the scalar interferometry weapons...... Such phenomena include volcano eruption, earthquake induction, and weather and climate engineering confirmed by Secretary Cohen in his 1997 epochal statement."(7)(which I have quoted below).

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts." Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn.(8)

From an article titled The Electric Hurricanes of 2005 (no longer posted) at thunderbolts.info we read the following:

Another mystery for meteorologists: As a rule, hurricanes display little if any lightning. But during the record-setting hurricane season of 2005 three of the most powerful storms Rita, Katrina, and Emily provoked an astonishing abundance of lightning.

Richard Blakeslee of the Global Hydrology and Climate Center (GHCC) in Huntsville, Alabama, was one of a team of scientists who explored Hurricane Emily using NASA's ER-2 aircraft, a research version of the famous U-2 spy plane. Flying high above the storm, they noted frequent lightning in the cylindrical wall of clouds surrounding the hurricane's eye.

In fact, the electric fields above Emily were among the strongest ever measured by the aircraft's sensors over any storm. "We observed steady fields in excess of 8 kilovolts per meter. That is huge--comparable to the strongest fields we would expect to find over a large land-based 'mesoscale' thunderstorm.

Regarding more electromagnetic theory relating to physical phenomenon here is an excerpt from an article titled Sing The Comet Electric
Dissident scientists advocating a controversial theory of the universe are having a field day in the wake of NASA's Deep Impact comet collision earlier this month.

Scientists promoting the Electric Universe model say their predictions for the comet mission appear to have been more accurate than NASA's.

The Electric Universe theorists, collected at Thunderbolts.info, believe that electricity, when factored properly into astrophysics, plays a greater role in the cosmos than the standard gravitational model, which says electrical forces are insignificant on a cosmic scale.

Proponents of the Electric Universe model say they can explain many of the bizarre phenomena and mysteries in cosmology, from a swath of anomalies seen in the solar system to unusual surface features on Mars and Jupiter's moon, Titan.

Prior to the July 4 impact, the Electric Universe group published a detailed chain of events they expected to see when Deep Impact struck comet Tempel 1 with an 820-pound copper projectile.

The prediction said there would be two impact flashes: a small flash as the projectile penetrated the comet's electrified atmosphere, followed by a huge impact flash that would be "unexpectedly energetic."

And that's exactly what appeared to happen on July 4, in an impact that astonished NASA investigators.

Regarding the Electric Universe model, the Electric Universe theorists have this to say about the Columbia shuttle disaster:
Did a super-bolt of lightning--called "megalightning"--strike Columbia, causing the breakup of the craft?

Shocking evidence that this is so includes the image ....... It shows a purplish corkscrew trail of "something" merging with the ionized plasma trail of Columbia early in its descent, while Columbia was still 63 kilometers above the earth.

From Scientists observe rare continental rift process in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa - A continental rifting process that normally takes millions of years to form has developed over a span of seven weeks in the Afar region of northeastern Ethiopia.

It was a close study, using radar interferometry, of an earth rupture developing into a rare axial rift zone -- a future possible ocean basin.
The series of quakes was first recorded at the AAU on September 14 in Da'ure, an area in the lowlands of the Western Ethiopia Escarpment that stretches from the central part of the country to the Dahlak Islands of Eritrea in the Red Sea.

The volcanic activity, recorded at N 12.651 degrees longitude and E 40.519 degrees latitude, spewed ash for three continuous days and eventually numerous cracks appeared in the ground, spreading fear among the pastoralist inhabitants.

Unsettled by the unusual phenomena of rumbling tremors they approached the regional authorities to ask the federal government in Addis Ababa to look into it.

'This was a fast opening rate within a span of about two months, from September 14 to early November, an exciting event in scientific terms,' said Dr. Atalay.

For scientists researching the phenomena, the Afar Region is a natural laboratory where the transition between oceanic rift and continental rift is visible on land. Such transition is also evident in Iceland.

'The events we witnessed in the Afar region for about seven weeks, beginning in mid-September, have enabled us to look into the possible faster rate of rifting in the Afar region,' said Atalay.

From Massive Crack Opens In Earth In Texas we read the following:

CLAUDE, TX -- A massive crack in the earth opened up last week in Claude, Texas and it's creating a stir among geologists.

Geologists said Tuesday the crack was a joint in the earth's crust. They believe the opening is the result of a weak point in the joint where one spot slips away from the other.

Some parts measure more than 30-feet deep and it drained what used to be a pond. Experts say earth cracks are common but the size of the crack in Claude is not.

What are we to make of "these signs in the earth beneath"?

From the Enid News and Eagle:
Mysterious Kingfisher-area gas geysers leave officials puzzled

Mysterious unrefined natural gas leaks erupting in rural Kingfisher County in recent days continue to have officials puzzled as to their cause. "We originally thought a pipeline had exploded," said Matt Skinner, Oklahoma Corporation Commission public information manager. "We had the pressure to zero pressure, and the leaks seemed to get bigger. So that's not it." Skinner had said at a press conference Monday geologists and hydrologists are beginning to study underground maps of the area to find an explanation. "We've ruled out the probables, and now we're into the unprobables," he said. "We've never seen one like this before, one that covers such a large area. It's another animal."Skinner said the leak was unusual because of its size and that it was "moving with no explanation."

And Mysterious Stench Nauseates Northeast

Olive Taylor first noticed the odor Tuesday night outside her Northeast Washington home. By yesterday morning, the smell had turned into a stench so bad that it woke her up.

Firefighters and work crews shuttled from place to place during the day and tested air to find the cause of the odor. The number of complaints tailed off as the afternoon wore on, but the cause of the smell remained a mystery last night.

Some top fire officials initially worried about a major gas line rupture or equipment failure. Not everyone agreed with the fire department's theories. Officials at the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission said their sewer pipe was not responsible.

Lydia Wilson, a commission spokeswoman, confirmed that work crews were repairing a large section of 75-year-old pipe that was found crushed underground in Capitol Heights, near the D.C. line. But she said the workers believed that the broken pipe had "nothing to do" with the stench.

"We have no idea what caused the smell," Wilson said.

Washington Gas received more than 150 calls about possible gas leaks, officials said.
From Thunder Bay television we have this: Strange smell in Longlac
Municipal officials are urging Longlac residents to exercise caution as they investigate reports of 'gasoline-type' odours in the towns sewer system. The problem first cropped up about ten days ago in a variety of homes and businesses...and is reportedly most noticeable in basement areas. The Municipality of Greenstone says it still doesn't know if the smell is from sewer gases, natural gas or an industrial solvent. But its called in both the Ministry of Environment and the District Health Unit to try and track down the problem. In the meantime, residents who do notice a gasoline smell in their basements are being advised to open windows and doors to ventilate the area...and to contact the Municipality so their home can be tested. They're also advising those who notice an odour and then begin feeling unwell with symptoms of dizziness , headaches of nausea to seek medical attention.

How about this? Mystery mountain explosions worry Binh Dinh residents
BINH DINH -Residents in the mountainous areas of central coast province Binh Dinh had their nerves rattled after two unexplained explosions occurred in the area last month.

The explosions, one in Canh Lien Commune, Van Canh District and another in Phuoc My Commune, Tuy Phuoc District, didn't result in any deaths or injuries.

The walls of three classrooms at Ba Trang primary school in Ba To District, Quang Ngai Province were reported to have cracked after the explosion.

The explosions may have resulted from million year-old, underground pockets of gas, said deputy director of Binh Dinh Science and Technology Department Vo Ngoc Anh. The explosions may have occurred after the earth's surface was affected by prolonged rain in the area, said Anh.

Notice the unexplained smell of gas in the U.S and other parts of the world and gas explosions in Viet Nam. There is some speculation that this could be the fracturing of the North American Plate and the other tectonic plates on the earth's surface leading to outbursts of pockets of methane. This may also explain the increase in frequency and severity of earthquakes. The recent 9.3 magnitude earthquake which caused the tsunami off the coast of Sumatra was the second strongest earthquake ever recorded.

What are we to make of this next article excerpt?

From NBC channel 5 news we learn that Odd Powder Descends On Cars, Illinois EPA Investigating
The strange rusty powder appeared on cars in the Chicago area this week.

Angelo Mavaraganes, who runs a car repair shop on the Northwest Side, said he has seen it on at least 30 cars the last few days.

NBC5's Mary Ann Ahern said a lot of people in Chicago want to know what the stuff is that has fallen all over their cars.

"Where is this coming from? What effects is it going to have on us?" Mavaraganes asked.

Global Warming? Deadly Cold Blankets Most of Russia

On Friday, Moscow temperatures were slightly warmer than Thursday, when the mercury hit 24 below, the coldest on that date since 1927. Friday's low was minus 20 degrees. By Monday, the thermometer was expected to reach four below, Moscow weather service spokeswoman Natalya Yershova said.

The cold wave was even affecting Russia's southern regions which typically see more temperate winter conditions. Overnight temperatures in the region near the Black Sea dropped to 17 degrees below zero.

Forecasters said the winter has been Moscow's coldest in a quarter century.

What can we learn from the excerpts quoted here? Governments through military-industrial complex experimentation are effecting unprecedented manipulation of the earth's natural electromagnetic flux patterns through systems such as HAARP and scaler interferometry which effects global weather patterns, earthquake strength and locations, volcanic eruptions, and rifting of the earth's tectonic plates. If this theory is not true then our Lord must be giving us warning signs of his impending return.

Many more signs will appear as the end of the age draws near.
"...and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers" (various) "places." Matthew 24:7b KJV. "...great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men." Revelation 13:13 NIV. ".....and the sun was given power to scorch people with fire." Revelation 16:8b NIV.


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Sunday, January 01, 2006


In the 90's, American marines and national guard were occasionally asked if they would be willing to fire on American citizens in a time of crisis.

In 2005-2006 it is your son or daughter being asked about their allegiance to the state. (Is this a bad dream or did I wake up in the homeland of that other revolution?)(All subsequent italics mine for emphasis.)

Speaking before the U.S. Senate on December 15, 1987 Senator Jesse Helms had this to say before his colleagues:

"This campaign against the American people-- against traditional American culture and values-- is systematic psychological warfare. It is orchestrated by a vast array of interests comprising not only the Eastern establishment but also the radical left. Among this group we find the Department of State" (Colin Powell, WMD Iraq), "the Department of Commerce, the money center banks and multinational corporations, the media, the educational establishment, the entertainment industry, and the large tax exempt foundations. Mr. President, a careful examination of what is happening behind the scenes reveals that all of these interests are working in concert with the masters of the Kremlin in order to create what some refer to as the New World Order."(1) (See Ten Kingdoms)

In the 1950's the congressional Reece Committee held hearings to investigate tax-exempt foundations. Norman Dodd, the director of research for the committee, had at one point during the committee investigations been invited to the headquarters of the Ford foundation by it's president, H. Rowan Gaither, who was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

During his visit Gaither told Dodd:
"All of us here at the policy making level have had experience, either in OSS (Office of Strategic Services) or the European Economic Administration, with directives from the White House. We operate under those directives here. Would you like to know what those directives are?"

Dodd responded that he would, after which Gaither replied:
"The substance of them is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."(2)

Dodd, who was jolted by the frankness of the remarks, asked if Gaither would be willing to repeat his statement before the Reece Committee; to which the Ford Foundation president responded: "That we would not think of doing."(3)

Rear Admiral Chester Ward, a former (CFR) member for sixteen years, warned the American people of the Council on Foreign Relations intentions.
"The most powerful clique in these elitist groups have one objective in common--- they want to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and the national independence of the United States."(4)


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1. Congressional Record-Senate, December 15, 1987, p. S18146. as quoted in Gary Kah, Enroute to Global Occupation, (Lafayette, Louisiana: Huntington House Publishers, 1992), 48.
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