Tuesday, November 01, 2005


..... fascist laws are being enacted on a weekly basis. US passports are now to contain a new chip which will enable us to be tracked 24/7, world wide, via State Dept. satellites.

This goes into effect October, 2006. Those obtained before then will remain valid till their ten year expiration date. So I'm going to be sure and get mine before the new ones are mandatory.

I just don't like the idea of being monitored and examined while on a pleasure or business trip. It's just wrong.

Due process, the right of citizens to be left alone without evidence of wrongdoing warranted by a lawful Judge.
That's been the fundamental right of all Americans for over two centuries.(1)

What's next?

RFID's on your grocery items which will enable Uncle Sam to do a remote inventory of everything you recently bought at the grocery store so that when the avian(bird) flu hits, the National Guard and U.S. army are called out to enforce the quarantine, they will be able to tell who is hoarding food and bottled water.

RFID's constitute the "biggest threat to personal privacy since the crowbar."(2)

Our government's complicity with a few terrorists on 9/11(fourth article down) and it's deliberate bungling of the New Orleans Katrina disaster should make you feel very secure when a Bird Flu pandemic is announced and martial law imposed.

President Bush is asking Congress to supersede the American traditional posse comitatus and allow federal use of armed troops to perform the police function of keeping sick people in and well people out of those streets, towns, cities, or sections of the country where Bird Flu will rage, sicken, and kill.

The Patriot Act has a clause that allows a Governor to declare a state of medical emergency that imposes martial law, requires each persons submission to the National Guard, demands relinquishing of personal firearms, and mandates involuntary vaccination, treatment, or quarantine. The President wants to commandeer each state's National Guard and with the military perform those acts in case of Bird Flu.(3)

From Bush to unveil new martial law strategy we learn:
Expect recommendations on how to isolate the sick. Governors and mayors are on notice to figure out who will actually inject stockpiled vaccines into the arms of panicked people.

Do you have extra food and water stored in your home? Does it have RFID tags attached under the upc label or product label? Are you prepared to live indefinitely in your home should your neighborhood be quarantined? The government is spending millions to prepare. Are you?

Should a quarantine be established, expect temporary insanity to reign as people who are quarantined become desperate. (outbreak)

Remember what Merlin said?

And what did our Lord say?
And there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Matthew 24:7B,8 KJV.

I pray that you will be physically and spiritually prepared as we enter the new world the Illuminati has prepared for us.


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End Notes

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