Saturday, July 16, 2005


September 7-9: Helsinki Conference 2005
Where: Helsinki, Finland(1)

This conference is the finale in a series of forums started in 2002 and aptly titled the Helsinki Process on Globalization and Democracy. Throughout this "process" the overall aim has been to strengthen international law and global governance through the development and projection of national and international political will.

As this Helsinki Conference is the last of its series, the primary aim is to establish a determined thrust towards the implementation of "global democracy". "Innovative ideas" include a world parliament and the implementation of global agreements which act as the support structure for world government.

Steering this Helsinki Process is a dedicated committee of twenty-two members, including: Erikki Tuomioja, (Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs), Maria Livanos Cattaui (Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce, Prince El Hassan bin Talal (President of the Club of Rome), Irene Khan (Secretary General of Amnesty International), Poul Nielson (Commissioner with the European Commission), Thoraya Obaid (Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations), Konrad Raiser (Former Secretary General of the World Council of Churches), Jean-Francois Rischard (Vice President for Europe at the World Bank), Peter Sutherland (European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission and chairman of Golman Sachs International), Strobe Talbot (President of the Brookings Institution, Director of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a board member for the Trilateral Commission and the American Association of Rhodes Scholars.(Italics added.)

Strobe Talbot could aptly be called Mr. "World Government".


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(1)Gary Kah and Carl Teichrib, Building the New World Civilization: A Global Calender of Events, Hope For The World Update, (Noblesville, Indiana: Hope For The World) Winter 2005, p. 7.

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