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"The acceptance of diversity and pluralism,...will reduce the tension of the Cold War by allowing each polar super-Power" (U.S, Russia) "to develop features of a mixed system(third article) which will make them approach each other in their characteristics of organization, a development which is, of course, already apparent to any unbiased observer."(1)

In December 1953, Mr. Norman Dodd who investigated tax exempt foundations, for the congressional Reece Committee was extended an invitation to visit Rowan Gaither, the president of the Ford Foundation. "Dodd said that Gaither opened the conversation with an unforgettable admission."

Of course, [Mr. Dodd] you know that we at the executive level here were, at one time or another, active in either the OSS, the State Department, or the European Economic Administration. During those times, and without exception, we operated under directives issued by the White House. We are continually guided by just such directives. Would you like to know the substance of these directives?

And I said, 'Yes, Mr. Gaither, I'd like to know.'
The substance was to the effect that we should make every effort to so alter life in the United States as to make possible a comfortable merger(second article) with the Soviet Union.(2)(Italics in original)

Toward a one-world socialist government!

"Dr. Bella Dodd 'a former member of the National Committee of the U.S. Communist Party' said she first became aware of some mysterious super-leadership right after World War 2 when the U.S. Communist Party had difficulty getting instructions from Moscow on several vital matters requiring immediate attention. The American Communist hierarchy was told that any time they had an emergency of this kind they should contact any one of three designated persons at the Waldorf Towers. Dr. Dodd noted that whenever the party obtained instructions from any of these three men, Moscow always ratified them. What puzzled Dr. Dodd was the fact that not one of these three contacts was a Russian. Nor were any of them Communists. In fact, all three were extremely wealthy American Capitalists! Dr. Dodd said 'I would certainly like to find out who is really running things'".(3)

Would you like to know? I suspect that there is a plan and those "wise men"(second article) following the plan don't want you to know. What you don't know can't hurt them.(second article). It is a conspiracy plain and simple to those familiar with the historical perspective.


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