Saturday, April 16, 2005


Excerpt quoted below posted by Jeff Wells, ( with my links and comments.

"I'm reminded of Martin Short's study of Freemasonry, Inside the Brotherhood, and the observations of an informant called "Badger," who had been a Freemason for 35 years and a master of seven lodges. "For years," Short writes, "he was convinced that Freemasonry was a worthwhile institution. As he became more elevated in the Masonic hierarchy he gradually came to realize it was not."

According to "Badger":

"Freemasonry is a mechanism of social control. It's a feudal pyramid.... Have you ever thought why the police are so cultivated by Freemasonry? I have met scores of policemen throughout my Masonic career, but I haven't met a single fireman or postman. There must be some firemen and postmen in Freemasonry but nowhere near as many policemen, lawyers, local government officials and businessmen."

What do policemen do? They enforce the law. What do lawyers do? They interpret the law. What do government officials do? They write the law. With over 5 million members world wide and over 3 million members in the U.S. alone, is it any wonder that they have such a profound effect on our society?

Ever wonder why things happen the way they do? Especially recent court rulings which have such an anti-Christian bias? There is no mystery here, only a covert diabolical plan being worked below the surface. What is the end result of this plan? Click the links to find out.

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