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On November 14, 2003 a conference was held at Seton Hall University located in South Orange, NJ. The following article is an excerpt from What Future For The United Nations?, Carl Teichrib, Hope For The World Update* Summer 2004*, (Hope For The World: Noblesville, Indiana) 10. Gary Kah Executive Director.

I encourage you to subscribe to "Hope For The World Update" to read the rest of the article and visit Gary Kah's website at Gary is the author of several books, Enroute To Global Occupation, and The New World Religion which have been instrumental in my understanding of plans to subvert the U.S. constitution and unite the world politically and spiritually under a new world system. The material in Enroute To Global Occupation should serve as ample evidence that the drive to create a one world government is for real. I will provide subscription details at the end of this article.

Please note below the groups attending this symposium. Some of them may surprise you!

"Titled, 'What Future for the United Nations,' this provocative symposium was sponsored by an array of pro-United Nations and world federalist institutions, including:

- Center for War/Peace Studies
- United Nations Association - USA
- Seton Hall University, John Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations
- Rutgers University Center for Global Change and Governance and School of Law -Newark
- The World Federalist Association

Co-sponsors for the event were equally impressive, demonstrating a cross-cut of academic, internationalist, and special interest lobby groups. Included in this list:

- The World Federalist Movement
- American Bar Association Section of International Law and Practice
- Center for UN Reform Education
- League of Woman Voters
- American Association for Jewish Lawyers and Jurists
- Campaign for UN Reform
- American Association of University Women
- Academic Council on the United Nations System
- One World Now
- National Collegiate Conference Association
- The Unitarian Universalist Association(1)

Without question, the tone of the event was one of recognized urgency and frustration, both at the national and international level. Bill Pace, Executive Director of the World Federalist Movement - the largest pro-world government organization operating internationally - likened the current United Nations system to that of a handicapped volunteer fire brigade.

"Clearly, if we look at war as "international fires," the UN that we set up is incapable of dealing with those fires. The Security Council is not a fire department or volunteer fire department, it's kind of an as hoc volunteer fire department, where you have to go down to the Council if your house is on fire and get them to vote on whether your house is on fire, and that takes months. And then if they vote that it's on fire, that's good; then they usually just pass a resolution condemning the fire. And then they might later on, after a few more neighborhoods have caught fire, say "now we are really mad about this fire" and now we're going to put sanctions on this fire. And then another several months go by and they might finally create an authorized peacekeeping-fire department reaction. But there isn't a fire department. Then the Secretary General goes around and asks every country, "could you give me a fire engine, could you give me some water, could you give me some firemen, some firewomen."

"This is an insane way to deal with this global problem and we would not allow it to happen at any other level of society. And its even more complicated in the fact that in the first four decades , the Council - fire department - was mostly responsible for starting the fires. Arguably, you couldn't find one fire they prevented or put out."

"So you have a huge political governance problem here with this institution that has to be addressed, and as others have said, it cannot be addressed frontally because the people in charge of the fire department have a veto over any changes."(2)

"Noting the missed opportunity of the past decade, Dr. Simon Chesterman (International Peace Academy) explained during a panel session that:...the only time there's been substantial change in the international security architecture has been at a time of crisis. The end of the cold war might have provided that opportunity,..." (3)(Emphasis mine). End of article excerpt.

This is one reason why the Illuminati is planning a third world war: to push a change in the international security architecture as World War II birthed the UN from the League of Nations. See (The Plan )

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(1) Taken from the official event flyer.
(2) Excerpted from a video feed of the event. Bill Pace made these comments while
participating in a panel discussion.
(3) Ibid.

May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ strengthen and preserve you in these last days.


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