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"On August 4th Britain declared war on Germany, emphasizing the iniquity of her attack on Belgium, although in the Cabinet meeting of July 29th it had been agreed that such an attack would not legally obligate Britain to go to war. Although this issue was spread among the people, and endless discussions ensued" (Fox News?) "about Britain's obligation to defend Belgian neutrality under the Treaty of 1839, those who made the decision saw clearly that the real reason for war was that Britain could not allow Germany to defeat France. Tragedy & Hope, A History Of The World In Our Time, Caroll Quigley (The Macmillan Company: New York, 1966) 250-251.

This quote illustrates the point that the truth can often be found 180 degrees from what our political leaders tell us; i.e. look in the opposite direction of the public rhetoric to find the real truth as I will now illustrate with more historical examples.

Should we trust the "Establishment"? (Illuminati)

You decide after reading the following scenario regarding the sinking of the British steamship Lusitania on May 7, 1915 by a German submarine off the southern coast of Ireland. MSN Encarta, Lusitania(vessel).

The Lusitania, a passenger liner, according to news reports had left the United States from New York City bound for England with "1257 passengers on board of which 197 were American." Quigley, Tragedy & Hope .... The Lusitania was supposed to meet up with a British escort ship off the coast of Ireland before coming in to port. Mysteriously, the British war ship assigned to escort the Lusitania was called away before they made contact with each other. This area was heavily patrolled by German U-boats (submarines). "The captain was on a course he had orders to avoid; he was running at a reduced speed; the portholes had been left open." Ibid.

The Lusitania which "had been declared unsinkable" was struck by a torpedo from a German U-boat and "went down in 18 minutes" Ibid. In short the Lusitania was a sitting duck unescorted in an area where it should not have been traveling; operating at reduced speed, in an area where significant loss of British merchant vessels had occurred before due to German U-boat activity. The sinking of the Lusitania with its' heavy loss of American lives contributed to public outrage against the German nation. "Popular feeling against the Germans rose to a high pitch in the United States because of the Lusitania disaster, and strong sentiment developed for declaring war on Germany." (italics mine) MSN, Encarta, Lusitania (vessel).

Was this loss of life due to unfortunate circumstance or was there more involved than the public was lead to believe?

"The Lusitania was a British merchant vessel 'constructed with Government funds as [an] auxiliary cruiser.... expressly included in the navy list published by the British Admiralty' with 'bases laid for mounting guns of six-inch caliber,' carrying a cargo of 2,400 cases of rifle cartridges and 1,250 cases of shrapnel, and with orders to attack submarines whenever possible." Quigley, Tragedy & Hope.... The German submarine fleet was aware of the ship's cargo and its real mission but the public and ship's passengers were never told by U.S. officials.

Clearly, this ship was more than just a passenger liner carrying people across the Atlantic. This was in fact a British Naval vessel (cruiser). "A mysterious 'second explosion' occurred after the German torpedo struck."(according to news media reports).(Ibid.) This can be attributed to the 2,400 cases of rifle cartridges and 1,250 cases of shrapnel on board at the time of the sinking.

If this is not misleading enough. Here is another example of the use of propaganda to sway public opinion based on lies and falsehood.

"The propaganda agencies of the Entente Powers" (France, Britain, and Russia) "made full use of the occasion."(regarding the Lusitania). "The Times of London announced that 'four-fifths of her passengers were citizens of the United States' (the actual proportion was 15.6 percent)" [Notice that the news media was complicit with the Wilson plan, see next paragraph] "the British manufactured and distributed a medal which they pretended had been awarded to the submarine crew by the German government; a French paper published a picture of the crowds in Berlin at the outbreak of the war in 1914 as a picture of Germans 'rejoicing' at news of the sinking of the Lusitania" (in 1915).Ibid.(Italics mine). Notice that both French and British newspapers were involved; i.e. an international propaganda effort. (Sounds like the Bush- Blair collusion we saw reported in U.S. and European papers justifying the invasion of Iraq over weapons of mass destruction which were never found.)

One may ask why the lies and falsehood? The answer: President Woodrow Wilson had secretly promised the British that he would enter the war (World War 1) on their side but had campaigned earlier when running for election that the U.S. would never enter the war. The propaganda was needed to sway public opinion in favor of entering the war as he had secretly promised the British before .

Would the U.S. public have supported entry into World War 1 when the mood of the country was isolationist had the Lusitania not been sunk and the percentage of Americans killed aboard ship falsified, etc.? Why was the British Naval escort called away when the escort had been pre-arranged before the Lusitania left New York? Why were the passengers deliberately not told by U.S. officials that the ship was carrying 2,400 cases of rifle cartridges, and 1,250 cases of shrapnel and therefore a likely target of a German submarine attack? Could it be that President Wilson needed to create an "incident" to arouse public opinion to support his promise to the British before his election?

And what about Pearl Harbor?

"After sixty years, the truth is slowly emerging how President Roosevelt and his staff tried to force Japan into a war with the U.S.. Facts cannot be denied any longer as the FOIA documents are now open to the public, in which Lieutenant Commander Arthur McCollum, a U.S. Naval officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence in October 7, 1940, calls for eight provocations against Japan that would lead it to attack the U.S. ... intercept summaries were clear: Pearl Harbor would be attacked on December 7, 1941, by Japanese forces advancing through the Central and North Pacific Oceans. On November 27 and 28, 1941, Admiral Kimmel and General Short were ordered to remain in a defensive posture for 'the United States desires that Japan commit the first overt act'. The order came directly from President Roosevelt." ( 8/28/2004. President Roosevelt was a high level Freemason.

Did you also know that on the day of attack that scout reports were delayed 4-6 hours by certain members of Roosevelt inner cabinet so that the fleet at Pearl Harbor was not prepared for an immanent attack until after the attack had begun? Now you know why from the paragraph above.

Would the U.S. public have supported entry into World War II had the disaster not happened at Pearl Harbor?

"In fact, American plans to lure Japan into attacking began in 1915! Listen to historian Ralph Epperson report on this shocking truth:

According to one historian, Charles C, Tansill, professor of diplomatic history at Georgetown University, war with Japan was planned as early as 1915. In a book entitled, "Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt and the Coming of the War", published by D.C. Heath and Company, Tansill makes this interesting observation: 'The policy of pressure upon Japan antedated [President Roosevelt's Secretary of War Henry] Stimson some two decades ... Under Woodrow Wilson, a three-pronged [diplomatic] offensive was launched against Nippon [Japan] in January, 1915 ..." (Ralph Epperson, "The Unseen Hand", p. 271-272)." Ibid. (Emphasis mine)

"On pages 272-278, Epperson traces how Roosevelt slowly maneuvered America into World War II, manipulating both Germany and Japan; while Germany refused to take any action that would provoke America to enter the war Roosevelt had promised his electorate they would never have to fight,"(as did Wilson) and yet that is exactly what he was planning to do; 180 degrees from what he had promised. "Japan was foolish enough to strike Pearl Harbor." Ibid.

This is why when our politicians tell us that there will be no draft next spring I don't believe them. See the following quote below from The Clash of Civilizations May 28, 2004,

"there are twin bills before the House of Representatives and the Senate that will initiate the military draft to begin in early spring, 2005. They are, of course, waiting until after the presidential election. The bills, known as S 89 and HR 163" "A Big Story Ignored By The Media! Why?", David J.Meyers,, May Newsletter, quoted from Washington Times, Apr. 13, 2004, by Steve Miller, Washington, D.C.

"We also know that the Pentagon is now beginning to fill 10,350 draft board positions and 11,070 appeals board positions nation-wide." Ibid.

Why would our government be filling draft board positions if it were not planning on a draft? . Why would our congress introduce S 89 and HR 163 unless they were planning on a draft in our future. What do they know that we don't?

Is it just possible that the same thing happens today when you consider that the same groups control world events? For a discussion of these groups see Ten Kingdoms

Would the American people have supported the invasion of Afghanistan if 9/11 had not occurred even though the Republican "neocons" (neo-conservatives) had planned the invasion in the months before Bush was elected president? Would the American people have supported the invasion of Iraq had they known that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction? More lies, propaganda, deception. Do you see the historical pattern here? See The Plan .

You decide.

History repeats itself. Those who don't learn from it will fall for the same lies and deception propagated on this nation by the same groups controlling events since at least the mid 1800's. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt were both members of one of these groups. Wilson's closest advisors were members of one of these groups.

It makes absolutely no difference whether Kerry or Bush wins this election in the overall scheme of things based on the historical perspective. They both follow the same plan. In fact one of the websites which I monitor has advised their readers not to vote for president this year. We have no real choice when you understand the history of each candidate.

Mr. Bush joined the Skull and Bones Society at Yale University in 1968; Kerry in 1966. The Skull and Bones Society: The Order is even more secretive than the Masonic Lodge. See What Choice? for an in-depth discussion of the power of this organization, it's beliefs and a list of its members. (It's the third article on the web page).

Remember Jesus solemn warning concerning the deception at the end of the age. 'Take heed that no man deceive you.' Matthew 24:4. Jesus repeated this warning against unparalleled deception, 'and many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.' Matthew 24:11. Once more, a third time, Jesus warned, 'For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.' Matthew 24:24.

The presidential candidates do not serve our best interests but only deceive us into believing so by their public rhetoric as you can see by the historical record. Instead, today they are working to create crisis (IRAQ) leading to a third world war to further their goal of setting up an occult based world government consisting of a 10 nation (kingdom) confederacy to be lead by the Supreme World Council which will be headed by Antichrist. In the next few years this occult hierarchy will go above ground and be revealed as we approach the end of this present age. The hierarchy will closely reflect the current covert hierarchy of which Bush and Kerry are members. See An Insiders View Of The Illuminati for further details of this plan.

I sincerely hope that this discussion has piqued your interest and helped you to understand how Satan's plan (Daniel and Revelation) to rule the world through occult organizations is being fulfilled right in front of us in this presidential election and in the historical record we have reviewed.

May our Lord, Jesus Christ bless all who read this.


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On November 14, 2003 a conference was held at Seton Hall University located in South Orange, NJ. The following article is an excerpt from What Future For The United Nations?, Carl Teichrib, Hope For The World Update* Summer 2004*, (Hope For The World: Noblesville, Indiana) 10. Gary Kah Executive Director.

I encourage you to subscribe to "Hope For The World Update" to read the rest of the article and visit Gary Kah's website at Gary is the author of several books, Enroute To Global Occupation, and The New World Religion which have been instrumental in my understanding of plans to subvert the U.S. constitution and unite the world politically and spiritually under a new world system. The material in Enroute To Global Occupation should serve as ample evidence that the drive to create a one world government is for real. I will provide subscription details at the end of this article.

Please note below the groups attending this symposium. Some of them may surprise you!

"Titled, 'What Future for the United Nations,' this provocative symposium was sponsored by an array of pro-United Nations and world federalist institutions, including:

- Center for War/Peace Studies
- United Nations Association - USA
- Seton Hall University, John Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations
- Rutgers University Center for Global Change and Governance and School of Law -Newark
- The World Federalist Association

Co-sponsors for the event were equally impressive, demonstrating a cross-cut of academic, internationalist, and special interest lobby groups. Included in this list:

- The World Federalist Movement
- American Bar Association Section of International Law and Practice
- Center for UN Reform Education
- League of Woman Voters
- American Association for Jewish Lawyers and Jurists
- Campaign for UN Reform
- American Association of University Women
- Academic Council on the United Nations System
- One World Now
- National Collegiate Conference Association
- The Unitarian Universalist Association(1)

Without question, the tone of the event was one of recognized urgency and frustration, both at the national and international level. Bill Pace, Executive Director of the World Federalist Movement - the largest pro-world government organization operating internationally - likened the current United Nations system to that of a handicapped volunteer fire brigade.

"Clearly, if we look at war as "international fires," the UN that we set up is incapable of dealing with those fires. The Security Council is not a fire department or volunteer fire department, it's kind of an as hoc volunteer fire department, where you have to go down to the Council if your house is on fire and get them to vote on whether your house is on fire, and that takes months. And then if they vote that it's on fire, that's good; then they usually just pass a resolution condemning the fire. And then they might later on, after a few more neighborhoods have caught fire, say "now we are really mad about this fire" and now we're going to put sanctions on this fire. And then another several months go by and they might finally create an authorized peacekeeping-fire department reaction. But there isn't a fire department. Then the Secretary General goes around and asks every country, "could you give me a fire engine, could you give me some water, could you give me some firemen, some firewomen."

"This is an insane way to deal with this global problem and we would not allow it to happen at any other level of society. And its even more complicated in the fact that in the first four decades , the Council - fire department - was mostly responsible for starting the fires. Arguably, you couldn't find one fire they prevented or put out."

"So you have a huge political governance problem here with this institution that has to be addressed, and as others have said, it cannot be addressed frontally because the people in charge of the fire department have a veto over any changes."(2)

"Noting the missed opportunity of the past decade, Dr. Simon Chesterman (International Peace Academy) explained during a panel session that:...the only time there's been substantial change in the international security architecture has been at a time of crisis. The end of the cold war might have provided that opportunity,..." (3)(Emphasis mine). End of article excerpt.

This is one reason why the Illuminati is planning a third world war: to push a change in the international security architecture as World War II birthed the UN from the League of Nations. See (The Plan )

To subscribe to Hope For The World Update please send your name and address, together with a check or money order for $35.00 made payable to Hope For The World , to: P.O. Box 899, Noblesville, Indiana 46061. For credit card orders dial: 317-290-4673.

(1) Taken from the official event flyer.
(2) Excerpted from a video feed of the event. Bill Pace made these comments while
participating in a panel discussion.
(3) Ibid.

May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ strengthen and preserve you in these last days.


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